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Beer Equipment Butterfly Valve

Loại sản phẩm: Valve Sanitary
Ngày sản xuất: May 15 2020 11:40AM
Thông số kỹ thuật
 Advantages of sanitary manual butterfly valve:
1, butterfly valve rubber seal ring and valve plate are imported parts, to ensure the butterfly valve performance and service life.
2, the use of high precision CNC lathe precision turning valve body, to ensure the butterfly valve reliable interchangeability, to avoid the replacement of rubber and can not guarantee its performance of trouble.
3, the valve stem is mounted with nylon bushing, which reduces the friction force and makes the opening flexible and easy.
4, steel parts are made of stainless steel, rubber using food rubber, high health quality.
5.  The valve body size is equal to the inside diameter of the pipe. When opened, the narrow and streamlined valve plate is in line with the direction of the fluid.
6.  The handle adopts flicking type and pulling type, which can bear large operating torque and is not easy to be broken.
7.  The opening and closing range is 0~90 degrees, which can be fixed at every 15 degrees, with adjustable, quick opening and closing, and easy to operate.

Product features
1.Novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.
2, small operating torque, easy to operate, labor saving dexterity.
3, can be installed at any location, convenient maintenance.
4, sealing material aging, corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.

Main technical parameters
Nominal sizes DN(mm)15 ~ 300
Nominal pressure PN(MPa)
Test pressure strength test
Seal test
Gas seal test
Suitable for medium air, water, steam, oil, etc.
Drive form manual, worm gear drive, gas drive, electric drive.
Connection: quick mounting, clamping, outer thread, welding, etc

Main parts materials
Part name material
Body 304, 316L
Disc 304, 316L
Sealing ring silicone rubber, fluorine rubber,
Stem 304, 316L
Filler silicone rubber, fluoro rubber,

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-van-cau-dong-hoi-van-cau-1-chieu-dong-bich-van-cau-hoi-1-chieu-dong-tau-van-hoi-1-chieu-dong-jis-10k van cửa đồng bích đồng , van đồng nối bích đóng tàu, van đóng tàu , van chặn bích đồng -van-cua-dong-bich-dong-van-dong-noi-bich-dong-tau-van-dong-tau-van-chan-bich-dong van 1 chiều thép rèn , van chặn 1 chiều thép ren ,van ren 1 chiều thép rèn -van-1-chieu-thep-ren-van-chan-1-chieu-thep-ren-van-ren-1-chieu-thep-ren van kim nối nhẫn , van kim nối nhanh -van-kim-noi-nhan-van-kim-noi-nhanh van kim áp lực cao ,van hàn kim , van kim ren áp lực , van khí kim áp lực cao -van-kim-ap-luc-cao-van-han-kim-van-kim-ren-ap-luc-van-khi-kim-ap-luc-cao